Top 15 Household Items That Would Make 2019 Easier

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Don’t you hate how annoying and stressful it tends to get whenever you do your regular house chores…?

Or perhaps the household item you possess makes your home out of date and local-ish I might add

Well rest easy because you are about to browse through 15 household items that will definitely name your home stand out from others

Let’s begin…

1. Dish Rack That Drains Water

Annoying isn’t it whenever you have to swing your plate from left to right trying to get that water out after washing or having to clean it with a cloth all the time…

What’s more annoying is finding plenty of water stored inside your plate rack later on. Well with this all that is history because you don’t have to worry about wiping your plate clean after washing.

All you have to do is put it in the rack and watch the water escape through the opening. You’ll be saving yourself Time, Energy and reducing stress.

2. Spice Dispenser

Have you ever found yourself looking for that salt container before the stew gets ready…?

Or you can’t find the pepper tin or Maggi, tyme, curry… there is no denying that we have all been there.

Now imagine all of those ingredients and more all stacked and ready to use in one place. That’s what you have here., say goodbye to a bunch of odd looking containers and hello to a spice dispenser.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

So get this, there are vacuum cleaners…

These are amazing appliances that swept the classic broom under the carpet when they broke out…

It takes cleaning to another dimension by allowing the user to completely get rid of dust and dirt around the house. Having this alone in your home is an upgrade that’s for sure.

And there are Remote vacuum cleaners 

If you find your self to lazy or busy to clean? then these were made just for you. All you do is control every move of the device as it obeys and rids your surroundings of dust. Like that isn’t enough, most of these vacuums will move hands-free and control free through your Home cleaning and evading objects using Motion detector. you probably saw it in a movie once.., it wasn’t a fake.

4. Sticky Notes

Have you ever walked around your house and then wondered “what was I going to get again? what was I going to do? who was I planning on calling, what was I planning on eating?”

Okay maybe you haven’t found yourself asking these exact questions but you probably have gone through a similar scenario.

With sticky notes, you can simply make a note on literally anything you wish and paste it anywhere in your home, so you don’t forget stuff.

5. Book Hook

So you enjoy reading don’t you but finding that exact page you left isn’t. Having to flip through page after page searching for your last stop is never fun for anyone.

So why not get yourself a book hook, not only is it a stylish way to keep your book but it also gives your home that unique touch

6. Shower With Speakers

If you love to sing and dance in the shower as I do, Then this is something you know you have to get…

It has a Bluetooth you can hook up to your device and play as you shower. No need to turn your stereo to the highest as you bath so you can sing along. Or risk water splashing on your phone as you bath with it not far away.

This makes bathing something you’ll always be happy doing

7. Scan Marker

Have you ever found facing tasks that involve copying text from papers or textbooks into your laptop or smartphone? If so, my condolences… But fear not, there’s now a product that will make this job 100x.

All you have to do is scan the text using the marker and connect any device. All you’ve got to do next is watch it work like magic

8.Book Chair

For every book lover , this one has your name written all over it…

You don’t need that grumpy looking shelf anymore, getting this will be like killing two birds with a stone.

9. Safe With a Timer

If you’ve ever tried to stay away from something from a particular amount of time but you don’t possess such self-discipline…

Well, no need to worry much, this safe meets that exact need by having a timer that will only strictly obey you…

You could fit in your car key, Tv remote (for the kids), or even money and so much more. Set the number of days to want and it won’t open till the clock runs out…

Sure it isn’t iron and you could break it but do you really want to put all that money getting it to waste?

10. Hand-held bag Re-sealer

So you snatched open that big bag of chips and now you are worried air is going to get into it or ants and other bugs will find their way there…

Using the old method which is a little bit of fire or heat isn’t going to do the trick well enough,; so why not get something that was made to fix such problem a re-sealer!

11. Mob-Shoes

Say goodbye to all that annoying sloppiness as you mop the floor as you won’t even need a mop anymore!

just a nice looking pair of shoes with a mop attached to the under which allows you to clean every ground surface as you shuffle along. You could dance even!

12. Scent Candles

Why do you need to hang air fresheners on your walls in every room when you could beautify the environment with these…

Scents Candles are Small and they burn low and really slow so you don’t have to worry about any of these starting a fire if that’s what you are thinking.

13. Insta Pot

Save space on your counter and put dinner on the table faster with this versatile appliance, which takes the place of a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, and a slow cooker.

With Built-in sensors monitor temperature, time, and pressure, so you can program it and walk away. No need to worry about burning your food while you get distracted by something else.

14. Smart Plug

With about as much effort required to install as a Glade Plug-In, this smart plug connects to an app that allows you to control your home electronics from anywhere!

Need music? Check. A little too hot? Turn down the temp. Want to make it look like someone’s home? just Click Your home Will move at your command!

15.Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

You don’t have to worry about wasting any toothpaste anymore with this.

No need to go through all those annoying mornings trying to squeeze the daylight out of a tube just so you can get a little paste.

All you need is a simple twist with this

In a Nutshell, you don’t want to continue going through the stress of dealing with your home tools when there are many more that could make life easier.

These here are just a few from all the number of household items you can get. Try them out and see just how easy things would get.

Top Selling Robotic Toys

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When we hear the word Robot what exactly appears in the mind of the majority of people is a big human-like machine with arms and legs, which acts according to our commands…

And might someday take over human civilization. Okay, all of that is one huge crap, Truth is robots are pretty much everywhere these days.

In our Phones, Computer, Banks, Homes you name it. Computer Engineering and Robotics can always use bright and passionate minds.

Not surprisingly there are a number of toys that can help boost the interest and knowledge of these kids in their field of enthusiasm…

Below are top 1o demonstrably high quality and loved robotics toys around the continents…

Let’s check them;

1. Lego Mindstorm Kit

This Robot comes totally everything you and your kid needs to fully build and program it! You could program this bot to walk, play games complect certain task and even talk. The set comes with 601 pieces, 3 servo motors, color/touch/IR sensors, and an intelligent EV3 brick.

With all these combined you are fully ready to hook up ur robot to your phone using the EV3 programming app, making you conrol the bot using your phone or tablet. The instruction that comes with the kit allows you to bulid, modify and transform your robot into 17 different shapes

So when you feel like it isn’t up for a certain challenge you could just transform it to what suites you!

2. Chip

For many years dogs have been Man’s best friend, now I’d like to introduce you to man’s new best friend, a Robotic dog with the name Chip…

This robotic dog is much more than just a cool gadget, it’s an interactive pet that is not only there to greet you at the door but can follow every command you give. In addition, it comes with a smart band that lets the robot identify who the owner is. Chip follow’s voice/gesture commands and is able to learn new tricks.

This little robot even comes with a translator that lets you understand by using the mobile app when he barks, He comes with a smart ball so you could fetch with him anytime anywhere, sensors help to guide the dog so it doesn’t run into walls or people on the go. He even knows how to return back to his bed when it’s time for a charge. You don’t have to worry about charging.

Chip is a smart device, robot and a dog but most importantly Chip is a friend you want to get.


Teach your kids knowledge and good habits. Honeybot is your kids’ teacher, storyteller, and friend. It is an interactive and educative home robot with multiple functions. And creates a new way for parents to educate and spend time with their children.

Through Honeybot, children can also watch 3D Educational series on their TV screens, this bot is simply a ;

  • Storytelling: Honeybot is an active storyteller which doesn’t just tell but brings stories to life!
  • Teacher: Exclusive interactive virtual scene, teaching life’s common sense while playing games help develop children living habits
  • Connector: interesting voices for answering together with HD onboard video chatting makes this device a super connector between parent and children

4. 4M Table Top Robot

if your kids are scared of crabs then this is one crab that doesn’t creep you but amazes you. This bot is unlike any crab you have ever seen because it scurries, flexes and waves, this robot provides fun for the whole family and mostly for the kids.

it performs acrobatics as only a crab can and runs away from obstacles by at its part. This eight-legged robot is sure to bring a lot of fun with its numerous tricks making it a blast.

5. Sphero Star Wars BB-8

If you are a fan of star wars then I bet you are going to love this, and you already know that the BB-8 Droid pretty much steals the show. And you over there must be thinking about what is so special about this orange-like soccerball above…

Sphero’s BB-8 is a robot toy that can be controlled with a Bluetooth smartphone or tablet. It’s small and really portable, the body is about the size of an orange and designed to look just like BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. BB-8 comes with an induction charging station (no need to plug it in directly) and a micro USB charging cord.

The head is attached to the body with a magnet allowing it to roll while keeping its head on top. The head is prone to falling off when it crashes into things. Just pop it right back on. Of course, it works just fine without it, too. According to specifications, BB-8 charges fully in about three hours and can run for about an hour.

The ability to program it yourself opens up a lot of room for creativity, but it also transforms it from a toy into a learning tool. It should also be noted that BB-8 receives firmware updates via the app, so it’s possible that other capabilities will be introduced in the future. Either way, Sphero’s BB-8 is a wonderful tool for encouraging Star Wars fans to engage in STEM activities while immersing them in realistic play experience.

6. ZOOB Bulider

A child will never forget his/her first robot and especially if they were the one that but built that robot themselves…

What’s more, this robot looks like it popped out from a transformer movie, this tiny robot packs a punch and get this, it even received an NPPA toys Award!! The zoob bot is perfect for young children who love to build and rebuild things. it’s a sure way to keep your children entertained for hours as they make the best of their imagination.

It is really easy to attach, detach, snap and fit together so there isn’t much tools or long instruction manual attached to it. Just bulid it up and watch the magic

7. Cozmo

This is a tiny, smart and adorable robot that looks like the popular pixar animation Wall-e, only smaller. But this might be small but it sure is mighty having one of the highest IQ’s on this list and here’s why!

He has got a realistic and humanlike sense with over 100 different emotions he is sure to win the heart of every child that comes in interactive contact with him. Cozmo can become a longtime friend as he comes to life with the coding feature, which allows you to command the robot to do whatever you want.

Overtime as you get to know him more and interact with him, he evolves to become more humanlike and reactive to humans around him. This is a bot that even the older kids and whole family will love

8.Wowwe Mip Robot

This is an inteligent and award winning robot that not only has a quite a few number of amazing tricks but is fun for everyone to enjoy…

MiP responds to hand gestures and comes with a free app that enables you to drive it, battle other MiPs, and other cool stuff! ,
GestureSense allows your WowWee robot to respond to gesture-based interactions like swipes, claps, touch …

And with it’s Sound detection system your WowWee robot will react to noises in its environment! Get your Mip bot and Roll into the future!

9. OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

Unlike the rest on this list this robot isn’t one, niether is it two or three but a woping 14 in a box! Your child can create different fully functional robot modes from cars, marine vessels to animals and other critters. But wait it doesn’t end there. 

Let’s say you kid gets bored of playing with the 14 designs, you could simply create another one making the fun and creativty nearly eandless. And the best part about this robot is that you don’t have to charge it! You got that right, it’s solar powered.

10. Meccano MeccaNoid G15

This robot comes complete with over 600 individual parts, MeccaNoid G15 could be every child’s dream robot toy. The kit features unique programming that allows children to completely personalize their own MeccaNoid. And at the same time help develop intrest in robotics and programming

MeccaNoid is powered by 6 motors, fully assembled robot can even be controlled using a smart device. The assembly process is pretty straightforward and the robot comes with speech recognition.

With all these said i believe it’s safe to say that spending money on tons of dolls and play sets isn’t enough to give your child that fub and educative childhood that is desreved. Why not just get a robot, toy, friend and teacher all in once!